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Responsible for registration of products that the company imports/ plans to import for sales in Thailand



1 . License work

  • Responsible for obtaining approvals + renewals of various licenses

  • To arrange license approvals in most time efficient manner.

2 . Drug product and Medical device registrations

  • Responsible for drug product and medical device registrations as per regulations in Thailand.

  • Responsible for preparing and reviewing documents for registration, submit the documents to TFDA and follow up until authorized.

  • Responsible for preparing the annual report of importation, distribution and other required documents and for liaising with Thai food and drug administration.

  • Responsible for coordinating the preparation of the art-works of drug products and medical devices for products of company in Thailand.

  • Coordination with external + internal stakeholders about the registration of pharmaceutical and medical device products.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or related field

  • at least 10 years experience in Regulatory affair position

  • good communication in English is a plus

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